Buy Discount Mens Razor Blades – A Great Gift Idea

Still looking for a great gift idea for the man in your life? How about razor blades. You don’t have to pay full price for them. You can buy discount men’s razor blades online but you can keep your secret source to yourself. You can just make them think you spent a lot. But the truth is you can buy razor refills online cheap. You can buy the Mach 3 and Fusion cheap without a coupon.

Whoever you gift them to will be elated that they don’t have to shell out $50 for a new pack of replacement razor cartridges.

You can get the best deals and take advantage of free shipping. Shop now for the best prices on brand new genuine Gillette razor blades:

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How To Get More Shaves Per Razor Blade

Don’t think you have to replace your razor after 2-3 shaves. You can get more shaves per razor if you maintain them properly. Here’s how to keep your razor blades sharp.

When you are spending up to $4 a blade for the latest Gillette or Schick 4 and 5 blade razor, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth and make those blades last. If you can get more shaves per blade and keep the razor sharp you can save money. So after doing some digging around, I’ve found some useful tips you can use to make your razor blades last longer.

The biggest key is to keep your blades dry after using them.  The Chicago Tribune reviewed all the methods for prolonging the life of razors but found the best way that worked was to dry your razors after using them. (source)

The science behind it is that razors become dull due to oxidation and mineral deposits more than from shaving. When water stays on the blades for prolonged periods of time, the razors oxidize. This causes corrosion and it can cause metal on the blade to flake off and cause the blades to become blunted and jagged.

Blot your razors dry with a towel after use.

You can double your shaves per blade just by using this one technique. This will keep your razor blades sharper longer.

You may also want to store your razors outside the bathroom to avoid contact with steam when you take hot showers.

Other tips to enhance your shaving include rinsing the blade often. Make sure you use warm water to soften up your whiskers. Let the shaving cream sit for a minute before you start to shave.

You can also dip the blades in alcohol before you blot them dry. The alcohol drives the water out and then quickly evaporates leaving you with a clean blade ready for the next shave.

So the next time you shave with your favorite Gillette or Schick razor, dry it off before you put it away.

Using this method will allow you to get more shaves per blade. This will save you money and keep your face kissably smooth.

The Far-Reaching Influence of King Gillette

I don’t know what else we should have expected from a man named King, but for a traveling salesman, his influence is especially far reaching.

King Camp Gillette was selling bottle caps for a living while he worked on an idea that would spawn so many other great ideas (and some slightly ridiculous ideas, like the 5-blade razor, but we can’t really blame him for arms races like that).

He didn’t have a particular passion for shaving – he just wanted an idea for something that would make him money. He recognized the golden rule of sales – if you can sell something that people need and use and throw away – but then buy again – you have a way to make money for life. There were some alternatives to the straight razors that were everywhere at the time, but the blades for them still had to be forged, which meant they were expensive to produce and to buy.

Gillette’s genius was two-fold. First, he realized that if he could sell a razor with disposable blades, he could keep customers for life as they continued to buy replacement blades. Second, to make a better profit margin, he realized that he needed to find a cheaper way to produce the blades, and after a lot of work, he found someone who helped him to develop a process for stamping blades our of sheets of steal.

Gillette’s razors sold for $5 apiece, and blades sold in packages of 20 for $1.

This is where Gillette’s legacy really takes off. Yes, he was the pioneer who was responsible for the Gillette Company, which now includes Oral-B, Braun and Duracell after being purchased by Proctor and Gamble in 2005. To business students, however, he is also the father of a powerful business model, called either freebie marketing or the razor and blades business model. The idea was to give people the razor (or the lamp, or the DVR, Prince CD, etc.) which will in turn yield profit when the customer comes back to buy razor blades (or kerosene or installation or concert tickets) from the same company. Gillette still uses this model (they used it on me just last week, when I bought some inexpensive razors and got a nicer model for free – which I loved and will probably have to buy again), but so do countless other businesses that give something away for free but by giving it open up a new customer prospect.

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Where to buy Gillette Mach3 razor blades online?

Perhaps you have not decided to get the larger Fusion razors to shave with. Perhaps you do not want to pay extra for a 5-blade razor when the 3-blade razor works well enough.

Whatever the reason if you find yourself needing to get more Gillette Mach3 razor blade cartridges, you can do yourself a favor and shop online. You will save money and you can be fully stocked up for a year or two depending on how often you shave.

This can put more savings back into your pocket.

Check out what kind of deals are available on Gillette Mach3 razor blades.

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Discount Men’s Razor Blades

Hey guys. You have to shave every day or every other day or else the significant other complains about the stubble. But going to the store to buy replacement blades can give you sticker shock.  Those buggers are not cheap.  Unless you know where you buy them.

I wanted to share with you my source for discounted razor blades.  Online. I have bought 2 40 pack auctions of Mach 3 Turbo razors and 1 40 pack box of Fusion Power razors.

Guess how much I paid for them? If you had to go to the store that would have set you back $80 to $120 easy.  I only paid $45 for the Mach 3 razors and $50 for the Fusion Power razors. That’s a little over a dollar each.

I saved $35 to $70 off retail razor blade prices.  That’s no small chunk of change there.  That’s a dinner or two or a utility or phone bill. And saving money is all the rage these days.

It’s these small necessities that we have to buy that we can buy smarter. And it’s not just razors either.  If you wanted to try the newer blades or get a new blade handle or even extend the life of your current razors by getting a razor blade sharpener you can buy one online too. And you can get it a nice discount.

So do what I do and save money buying razor blades you have to buy anyways. And give your girl what she likes – a smooth kissable face all the time.

Shop for miscount men’s razor blades:

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